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Historical evolution:

Our main feature every effort is the will to continue to be within the leading companies in our field. The course began in 1993. Soon we secured a good position in the field of office machinery companies with customers renowned companies and organizations. Our main effort was to offer total solutions with great emphasis on providing high quality services.

Soon came the collaboration with IDEAL group which finally came to assume authorized representatives of IDEAL Group for Thessaloniki. The company moved to a new office, on the road Vas.Olgas 38, in an integrated area 210 TM, which includes exhibition of products, sales offices, warehouses, workshops, administrative offices and room presentations and meetings. The need for integration of our services, allowing us to rapidly develop our relationship with leading software company the SINGULAR.

After a successful collaboration proceeded to create the Singular Business Center. With programs of Singular and certification of our techniques, we moved even faster in promoting global solutions. The recording of customer needs, marrying machines and programs, composition and offer a comprehensive solution, became our main advantage.

Company Goals:

We ensure continuity of effort. Our company in the spring of 2000, certified by Microsoft to support installations with Windows 2000 both at Professional and a Server. We organize more support department with fixed telephone support all our hours of operation.

Finally, the sector intends to operate more and more in the coming months as telecommunications. The solutions to the Internet and corporate presence in this, the on-line connections, virtual private networks, radio links, remote access, together with the solution of security problems posed, is the next target. Always looking ahead and always close to the needs of modern business.

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