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The «TOP SERVICE» is a company continuously growing area in software development and technical support and software applications in Greece,. Tactical objectives of the company «TOP SERVICE» is:

  • To plan - develop - to evolve and installs The software / PC.
  • To provide maintenance services, upgrades and service, network and / or computers and office machines
  • Be managed in such a way the work to achieve the best quality results with the optimum use of resources and staff training.
  • The executives of the company to firmly directed at improving quality in their sphere.

To achieve these objectives:

  • selects specific criteria cooperating companies and external partners.
  • verified the operation within the company in all phases of development.
  • continuously train its staff to renew knowledge and to ensure the participation and cooperation between workers.
  • ensure the proper functioning of the Quality Management System and the annual review and improvement, ensuring technical support and integrity of all of its operations.


Quality for us means products and services that respect the client's requirements and simultaneously stand for functionality, reliability and performance. 

The constant effort for continuous improvement and compliance with laws and regulatory requirements, are major concern of our company and our employers philosophy, and the policy and principles we reviewed regularly.

Thessaloniki 12/10/2012   General Manager George Thraskias
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